traces registration

Traces Registration

Traces Registration:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on ‘Register as New User’ tab then select ‘Deductor’ then proceed.
  3. Provide TAN of deductor, enter Captcha then again proceed.
  4. Enter the Token number of the Regular (Original) Statement only, along with CIN/BIN and PAN details pertaining to the Financial year, Quarter and Form Type and Challan details (CIN): Challan amount, Challan date, BSR code and CD record number (it is optional). Govt deductor can enter the only Date of Deposit and Transfer Voucher amount mentioned in the relevant Statement.
  5. PAN details: Maximum of 3 distinct valid PANs and corresponding amount must be entered. If there are less than 3 such combinations, you must enter all (either two or one).
  6. The authentication code is generated after KYC information details validation, which remains valid for same calendar day for same form type, financial year and quarter. You can proceed with code, TAN, and the name of the deductor are prefilled, you will have to update PAN and responsible person details and address. Once verified then user get registered successfully.
  7. In case of Individual and Proprietor, PAN of deductor and PAN of an authorized person may be same. In all other cases, both may be different. Now you can provide User ID, Password and click on “Create an Account”.

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