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Company Registration Services in India

Income Tax in India

The structure that contains data of salary and duty paid of an assessed is called Income Tax Return. The Income Tax Department of India has different structures for it, for example, ITR 1, ITR 2, ITR 3, ITR 4S, ITR 5, ITR 6 and ITR 7.
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GST in India

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an esteem included duty exacted most Goods and ventures sold for local utilization. GST is a backhanded government deals charge that is connected to the expense of specific Goods and Services. The business adds the GST to the cost of the item and a client who purchases the item pays the business cost in addition to GST.
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Professional Tax in India

rofessional Tax is the tax  assessment collected by the different State Governments of India on salaried people working in government or non-government elements including CAs, Lawyers, Doctors, and so on or complete some type of business, are required to pay this expert expense.
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FSSAI in India

As per the rules under FSSAI, any business involved in Manufacturing, Processing, Packing, Storage and Distribution activity of food  items are required to have FSSAI Registration. After Successful registration 14 digit Registration or License number will be alloted to business, which is to be displayed on products.
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MSME in India

Under MSMED act every MSME & SSI needs to get registered whether the business is service related or for manufacturing.MSME Registration are a certification which is issued by respective state government department to avail to benefits under the MSME Act.
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PF registration in India

Each company brings to the table its representatives an EPF or Employees Provident Fund which is likened to a retirement finance. EPF goes under the domain of the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. EPF enlistment is required for associations that have in excess of 20 representatives.
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ESI Registration in India

Registration Certificate or Licence issued under Shops and Establishment Acts or Factories Act. Address Proof: Latest Rent receipt of the premises you are occupying indicating the capacity in which the premises are occupied, if applicable.
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IEC India

IEC registration is required by a person for exporting or importing goods. It is a 10 digit code which is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). All businesses which are engaged in Import and Export of goods require registering Import Export Code. IE code has lifetime validity.
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