Requirements for Business Incorporation in India

Company registration services in India

Before incorporating a firm in India, a number of requirements must be satisfied. The type of business structure chosen for incorporation and the nature of the operations of the organization are other important factors in determining the prerequisites for registering a company in India. 

The initial shareholder must write and sign the company’s Articles of Incorporation and Memorandum of Association, and a private business must have a minimum of two shareholders.

The company must have two or more directors, who must be natural persons, not corporations. If more than one company participates in the formation, they must appoint individuals to serve as designated directors.

A current Director Identification Number is required for every director.

For the purposes of authorizing the filings and applications, each director must acquire a digital signature certificate.

The business owners need to come up with a distinctive name for their enterprise. The name could consist of the following elements: Unique Name + Activity Word + Private Limited Company. The Companies Act of 2013’s criteria must be followed by all suggested names.

In Chennai, there is no minimum paid-up capital requirement for a business startup. The amount of authorized capital raised by the firm will, however, determine the incorporation fees that must be paid.

All corporations are required to have a registered office address, which must be used in all official correspondence from the corporation.

Within six months of the company’s incorporation, the initial shareholders must distribute the subscribed capital. Only once the business has submitted such a declaration to the Registrar will it be permitted to start operating. This declaration must say that the business is prepared to launch operations and that each subscriber has paid for the shares assigned to them.

Documents Needed The MCA’s incorporation documents are as follows:

Using the Simplified Proforma for Incorporating a Business Electronically, or SPICe+, submit Form INC-32, Business Formation Application Form.

  • Director Identification Number from a digital signature certificate
  • Other Documents Required Form DIR-2 Application for DIN Consent to Act as Director If a DIN is given, a statement of DIN must be made.
  • Subscribers’ request for a digital signature certificate via Form INC-9 MOA (Memorandum of Association)
  • AOA (Articles of Association) (Articles of Association)
  • proof of the registered office address
  • A letter of approval from the owner of the property, along with verification of each director’s identity and address, such as any of the following:
  • Aadhaar card and Permanent Account Number (PAN) card a driver’s license, a passport, or a bank statement
  • Further Documents Resolution or NOC from an existing firm for utilizing a similar name when a trademark use NOC is required

There are no additional registration fees if the authorized capital raised is less than 15 lakhs. Entrepreneurs must, however, pay the filing fee and stamp duty for Forms INC-33 and 34, which may be downloaded at

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