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GST Registration for Proprietorship Firm | Required Doc and Processes

GST Registration for Proprietorship Firm can be completed quickly online; however, in this tutorial, we will provide you with suggestions on how to do so.We will tell you whether the sole proprietorship firm can be registered under GST in India, and if they can, what is the method for GST registration for proprietorship, and what papers are required for GST registration for proprietorship firm.

As you are aware, a sole proprietorship is a firm in which one individual owns and manages the business. Sole proprietorships are not required to be registered in India, or their registration is voluntary rather than mandatory. To start a business in India as a sole proprietorship, no legal formalities are required; nevertheless, you may be required to obtain specific licenses such as GST registration or MSME registration, among others.

When Does a Sole Proprietorship Need to Register for GST?

  • The annual turnover of more than 40 lakh rupees
  • When a sole proprietorship sells goods or services over state lines, this is known as “interstate commerce.”
  • When a Sole Proprietorship operates an online store.
  • When a sole proprietorship has to take advantage of a purchase’s input tax credit.

Therefore, a Proprietorship Firm meeting the aforementioned criteria may submit an application for GST registration.

Procedure for GST for Proprietorship Firm

  1. How to Register a Proprietorship Firm for GST To register, simply visit the official GST website in India and complete the form using your own pan card. Note that proprietorship firms do not require their own pan card.
  2. To obtain GST Registration for proprietorship along with the required Documents, you may also get in touch with a Professional Legal Service or a GST Consultant.

Documents required for gst registration for proprietorship firm

  1. proprietor’s personal Aadhaar and Pan cards Copies of utility bills for the place of business (electricity, phone, water) or the lease agreement, if the space is rented
  2. The initial page of your most recent bank statement, cancelled check, or passbook If you already have a checking account in the company’s name, please supply that instead of a copy of the proprietor’s savings account.
  3. proprietor’s Passport-Size Photograph.

GST Registration Process for Sole Proprietorship

  • For Sole Proprietorship Businesses to Obtain GST Registration Since there is no such thing as a separate Pan Card for proprietorship firms, all you need to do is go online to the official website of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India and fill out an online registration form using your personal pan card.
  • You can also receive GST Registration for proprietorship by contacting a Professional Legal Service or a GST Consultant. The required documents will need to be submitted with your application.

The time limit for GST Registration

The deadline for registering for GST is thirty days from the date of business start-up or reaching the turnover level, whichever comes first. You risk paying a penalty equal to 10% of the tax owed or Rs. 10,000 if you don’t register within this time frame.


If you have an annual turnover of more than Rs. 40 lakhs, you can register for GST. You must also obtain a GST number if you conduct online business, for example registered your business on Amazon. GST registration is simple and can be completed online using the GST portal. Contact us for Professional Service Support from Our Experts Team.

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