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An entity cannot survive in an isolated environment.Its existance depends upon the external factors even called as the business environment.

Hence, it becomes the obligation of an organization to look after the society in which they are growing.It is because of this reason, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has gained its importance.India is the first country to mandate provisions for this which are governed under the Companies Act,2013.Section 135 covers the abovesaid provisions


CSR has been defined as under, but not limited to
1.Projects or programs with reference to activities that are specified in the Schedule
2.Projects or programs related to activities undertaken by the board in pursuance of reccomendations of the CSR committee according to the declared CSR policy subject to the condition that such policy covers subjects explained in the schedule


As per 135(1) the provisions of Corporate Social Responsibility is applicable to all companies, whether public or private, if in the immediate preceeding financial year
Netwoth exceeding Rs.500 crore or more
Turnover exceeding Rs.1000 crore or more
Net profit exceeding Rs.5 crore or more


Public company:- Minimum 3 directors, out of whom one shall be an Independent director
Private company:- Minimum 2 directors


Average Net Profit for 3 immediate [receeding financial years is profit, then the comoany shall spend atleast 2% of average net profit of the three immediate preceeding years and so disclose it in the Boards Report.


The company is punishable with a fine of minimum of Rs.50,000 which may extend to Rs.25,00,000
Every officer in default is punishable with a fine of minimum of Rs.50,000 which may extend to Rs.5,00,000 or with an imprisonment for a term which can extend to 3 years or both


  • Eradicting extreme poverty and hunger
  • Promotion of education
  • Reducing child mortality
  • Employment enhancing vocational skills ,social business projects
  • Contribution to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund or any other fund set up by the
  • Central Government or the State Governments for socio economic development
  • Relief Funds for the welfare of Scheduled Castes , the Scheduled Tribes , other backward classes, minorities and women and such other matters as may be prescribed.
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability
  • Gender equality and women empowerment
  • Improving maternal health
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