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What is ICV

In-Country Value (ICV) is a program with the goal of developing and expanding the UAE’s economy and setting out open doors for UAE nationals in the private area. As a component of ADNOC’s ICV program, all ADNOC providers are needed to proclaim their ICV accomplishment (ICV Certificate).

ICV Certification

Affirmation is a cycle of approving the work. Here, an ICV accreditation is finished by existing ICV certifiers. This is done to guarantee that the providers are confirmed and afterward affirmed so they give exact and substantial data.

ICV Certification Bodies in UAE

The ICV Certification bodies in UAE help with the confirmation of the providers. There are numerous ICV Certification bodies in UAE. They ascertain numerous ascribes before the certificate is finished.

The ICV score of the providers assumes a fundamental part in approval. These administrations are done to guarantee that the providers can arrive at their ICV targets and participate in ADNOC bunch tenders. This is done to raise the GDP of the country and furthermore help the nearby networks. Learn about ICV Audit