trade license in india

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Trade License in India

A Trade License is a legal document to commence business operations or authorization document given by muncipality of the state govt. and it is to be filed within 30days of commencment of business.

Shop and Establishment Registration in India

Basically we should know why Shop and Establishment Registration in India is required., The Shops and Establishments Act standardizes the work, classifies the responsibilities for employers and offers a series of rights employees are entitled to from their employers. It is mandatory for any and every shop and establishment to register oneself within 30 days of the establishment under the act with or without employees

General FAQ – Trade License

Any person who is aged above 18years and not convicted for an offence under law.

Yes, there are 3 types of trade license which are as follows

This license is needed for anyone who wants to open a shop. The shop can be of any retail type.
This type of license is needed for any company that wants to open an small or mid-sized industrial unit.
Any establishment that plans on getting into the food and beverage industry needs this license. The license applies to restaurants, cafes, meat shops, bakeries and vegetable shops.

  • Consent Letter from owner
  • City survey map of your property
  • Tax Receipts
  • Form 353 duly filed

General FAQ – Shop and Establishment Registration

Broadly, all shops, hotel, eating house, restaurant, theatres, place of public amusement or establishment and other commercial establishment etc. are covered under the Shop and Establishment Act and are required to obtain registration under the same. The main objective of the Act is to protect the rights of both employer and employee

Establishment covered under the Act must apply for registration, within 30 days from the date of commencement of establishment, in prescribed form along with prescribed fees. Shop and Establishment Act is governed by labour department of the state and generally registration application is to be submitted to local district labour officer.

  • Name and address of the Establishment
  • Name and address of the Employer
  • PAN & Address proof of Establishment
    a. Sale Deed or
    b. Rental Agreement
  • Category of Establishment
  • Details of Employees

Any shop or establishment which is failed to obtain registration will be penalised. The Penalty rate may vary in accordance with provisions of respective State Government.

Trade License Package

  • Trade License

  • Rs1750-8650

  • Renewal of License
  • Duplicate License
  • Fill the Application
  • Inspection and Reporting
  • Forward to the Executive Officer
  • Demand Notice
  • Issue of License