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What is producer company india registration?

A producer company india was presented with the companies act, 2013. It gives people occupied with exercises identified with delivering (what has been developed or created, especially by cultivating) the chance to frame an organization. A maker organization can be shaped by at least 10 makers (people engaged with, or in exercises identified with, produce or development), at least two maker foundations or a blend of at least 10 makers and maker establishments. Such an organization can just have value capital, require at least five executives and an approved capital of Rs. 5 lakh. The strategy for shaping a producer company india is like the one for framing a private restricted organization.

Producer Company India Incorporation

10 or more producers in person, or 2 or more production institutions or a combination of the said can incorporate a Producer company
An application in Form-1A along with Rs.1000 has to be filed with the Registrar of Companies of the state in which the proposed company is to locate. When the ROC informs about the availability of the name, a MOA and AOA of the company is drafted in accordance with section 581F and 581G respectively.
3.MOA and AOA
These documents are to be stamped by the competant authority in agreement with rules of Indian Stamp Act and to be signed by each producer
The object clause of MOA should specify matters as per Section 581B
5.Appointment of first Directors
AOA shall meention who are he first directors of the company who will be holding the office till new directors are appointed within 90 days of registration .Minimum number of directors is 5 and maximim is 50
6.Certificate of Incorporation
ROC issues certificate of Incorporation within 30 days of receipt of documents required
7.Documents required
Copy of PAN card of all directors
Passport size photographs of Directors
Copy of the voter identity card/Aadhaar Card
Copy of the Rent agreement(If applicable)
Water/Electricity bill (Business Place)
Copy of the Property papers (If owned property)
Landlord NOC

Producer Company Package

  • producer company

  • Rs69899

  • Minimum Members
    5 Members
  • Approved Capital
    Rs. 5 lakh