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Intellectual Property India Package
  • Intellectual Property India

  • Rs3000-8000

  • TradeMark Registration
  • TradeMark Objection
  • TradeMark Assignment
  • TradeMark Renewal
  • Copyright Registration
  • Patent Search

Intellectual Property India

TradeMark Registration in India

A trademark can be characterized as the remarkable personality that makes your item or administration emerge from the rest. The special personality or articulation can be a logo, photo, motto, word, sound, smell, shading blend or designs. The majority of the organizations normally search for enrollment of logo or name as it were.
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TradeMark Objection in India

The Trade Marks Office can, for different reasons, have protests to your trademark application. This might be on the grounds that the word or logo is excessively like a current trademark, since it could hurt religious notions or in the event that it is probably going to cause perplexity, among different reasons.
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TradeMark Assignment in India

Trademark rights are transferable through task understandings. At the point when a trademark is doled out by a proprietor to another gathering, its possession is given upon the other party, either totally or for a set number of items or administrations. It for the most part includes a one-time instalment.
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TradeMark Renewal in India

Enrolled trademarks have a 10-year legitimacy and can be recharged uncertainly. The Registrar has set a wide window for you to do as such, start from a half year before the date of expiry.
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Copyright Registration India

Copyright Registration presents upon its proprietor sole rights to duplicate or replicate the work or concede consent to another to do as such. The applies to artistic (books, contents, even programming) and various media (music, photos, motion pictures) works.
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Patent Search in India

A patent gives its proprietor the privilege to keep others from making, utilizing, bringing in or selling the creation without endorsement. Before such a privilege is without a doubt, there clearly is a thorough keep an eye on whether the procedure or item is innovative.
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